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Edu Kaushal is an Application / Software that can be run on Android / Windows. It mainly focuses on improving academic Skills in children of Class 1-5, studying Karnataka State Syllabus for English medium. The academic skills being Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing ( LSRW ).

Most of the time, we talk about skills at college level. More recently life skills are taught at high schools. Prior to this stage academic skill at primary schooling plays an important role. As, at this development stage children have the ability to learn lot of skills. And, not acquiring the academic skills at the early age which is the foundation of all the school learning; they grow up being low-performers or non-performers at all academic levels.

We are in a severe learning crisis: a large proportion of students in elementary school has not attained foundational literacy and numeracy.

If action is not taken soon, over the next few years the country could lose 10  crore or more students from the learning system and to illiteracy. (Source: Draft National Education Policy 2019)

To overcome this, we have developed an Application which enhances LSRW Skills in children through integration of Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic methodology. These are the basic skills required for students of all age.

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 Why Edu Kaushal?


Learning Needs

Multiple sensory stimulation

Active participation of Learner

Based on Psychological Principles

Integration of Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic inputs

Importance of L S R W Skills

Good LSRW skills provide the right key to success

Are the need of primary grade students

Play important rolefor higher education

Are vital in both personal and student life

Plays its pivotal role in the enhancement of language

Advantages of Edu Kaushal




Better performing students

Time for additional activities

Able to focus on comprehension

Helps to give home assignments



Gets complete learning

Can learn independently

Learning is easier and faster

More time for other activities



All learning at home

Can monitor learning

Need, no dependency

Resources at finger tips

Impact of Edu Kaushal


Improves self confidence

Improves memory and grasping

Improves focus and concentration

Develops spoken English

Improves pronunciation and fluency

Develops visual concepts of mathematics

Get ready for next grade

Learn questions and answers

Improved academic performance

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